Get Power Cores & gold

How to get power cores and golds  in Marvel strike force hack

Marvel strike force is a well known mobile game around the world. More millions are mobile users are playing this game at present. They are looking for the best way to get cheats or hacks to increase characters and boost their team. In the game, players have to gather many characters and win the battle by using hacks.

The marvel strike force hack is compatible with android and ios platform. It is a fighting game which specially designed for these two platforms. Players have to unlock all characters and set weakness and strengthen to each character.  Some characters in marvel strike are Captain America, Nebula, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Thor. With the help cheat tool, players might collect power cores in the game.

Make use of the Marvel strike force Cheats:

 In order to get more golds on the game, you no need to download the core generator tool. It is available in online which let you boost your account. This tool is equipped by a security system which protects users.  Generators are offered for your team to create an identity on the game.  If you want to activate power cores on your game then follow every step

  • Choose on the jump to generator option
  • Click on the type the platform (android or ios)
  • Enter how many power cores you like to add to your account
  • Choose start generator option
  • Then it activates on your security system, you have to wait for a few minutes
  • Now restart the game and you might see lots of power cores

 Consider regular challenges:

In this game, players might come across different challenges every day.  Players earn unlimited resources after completing all challenges successfully.  If you start playing this game, then you need to finish all the challenges. You might acquire lots of perfect ways to earn more resources to complete level easily with no hassle.  This is a good way to access cheats on the game.

 Marvel strike force game contains varies challenges which consists of several tires. If the tier increases, players might get many rewards.   Players might win tires three times in a day.   It allows you to receive unlimited golds at the end of the game.

 Get power cores and colds:

In the marvel strike force hack, gold is a primary currency. It is used to maximize characters and purchase supplies. It offered for crafting gears and training heroes. You can collect gold on a specific day such as Sunday, Monday, and Thursday by finishing your challenges.  Power cores are an important one to buy Orbs, Arena Charges, Health Packs, Energy Refills, Supplies, and others.

 Upgrade your characters:

Players have four ways to upgrade their characters like Abilities, Rank, Level, and Gear.  It will increase character rating and earn lots of gold for each character. Moreover, each character will be ranked up to seven stars.  It allows you to get gold and ability materials. So, earn golds and power cores and complete all level successfully.